TeleRehab III funded by Flanders Care

Flanders Care presents the 9 winning demonstration projects of 2012.

The Telerehab III project, supported by the Mobile Health Unit, aims to develop a telemonitoring based system to support chronic heart failure patients, with low complication risks, during their home-based cardiac rehabilitation program.

Patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases draw benefits from a cardiac revalidation programme. Still, a mere 15 to 30% participate in these programmes, due to lack of time or the distance to the revalidation centre, among other reasons. This demonstration project intends to move revalidation to the home environment. Physical activity is monitored through motion sensors and transmitted to the centre. Upon registration of the data, new physical-activity goals are communicated to the client through e-mail or text messages. This project will examine to what extent this stimulates the cardiac patient to keep moving and whether his or her cardiovascular risk profile improves.

The partners of TeleRehab III are Jessa Hospital (Hasselt), Yorbody & KU Leuven – ESAT.