MHU monitors pilots up in the air at the 40th International Sanicole Airshow

Our Mobile Health Unit thrives again!

At the 8th and 10th of September MHU tested their proof-of-concept ‘live monitoring of pilots’ during the 40th International Sanicole Airshow.

The concept of monitoring consisted of a smartwatch (Mio Alpha 2) and a smartphone. The smartwatch served for the assessment of heart rate, with real-time Bluetooth transmission of data to the smartphone. Furthermore, the GPS & accelerometer on the smartphone gave access to the pilot’s location, the speed, height and G forces. Next, all obtained data were transmitted to our control center on the ground using the 4G local network.

We were able to monitor up to 6 pilots doing their stunts and tricks, these pilots were; Jean-Marc D’Hulst in a Starduster Trescal plane, team captain Ben Murphy from The Blades, Peter Wells from the Twisters, Geoffrey Buekenberghs in his Marchetti , Kristof Cloetens in his magical ExtraSC 300 and Richard Goodwin in his Pitts-S2.

See how MHU did their monitoring below:

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