MHU’s First PhD student – 4 year journey

In October 2013 a collaboration between imec and MHU resulted in the joint PhD project of Christophe Smeets. He devoted 4 years of hard work investigating the role of remote monitoring in heart failure patients, specifically the role of bio-impedance in congestive heart failure. He focused his research on implantable devices (i.e. CIED), which can use bio-impedance (e.g. fluid status) to report the level of congestion, using remote monitoring. Furthermore, he looked into the use of a state-of-the-art non-invasive, wearable bio-impedance device developed in close cooperation with imec. He investigated the efficacy, the benefits and limitations of both invasive and non-invasive devices using bio-impedance to determine congestion. On the 12th of March he successfully publically defended his PhD and obtained his ‘doctoral degree in Biomedical Sciences’.

We’re very proud of our first MHU doctoral title ‘dr. Christophe Smeets’!

Keep up the good work and we’re happy to keep you in our the team.