Check your heart rhythm @ ZOL

From 40 years you have one chance in four of ever getting atrial fibrillation (AF), which is the most common heart rhythm disease. Because too few Belgians are familiar with atrial fibrillation and early diagnosis is very important (it indeed allows to reduce the risk of thrombosis or stroke by five times), you can check your heart rhythm for free @ a national event “The week of the heart rhythm”. This event  event takes place from June 1 till June 5, 2015 for the sixth time .

During this week, on Thursday, June 4th the national day of awareness of AF, you can monitor your heart rate for free and get helpful hints from caregivers who volunteer to participate in our awareness campaign.

Also Qompium and the MHU participate to “The week of the heart rhythm” with a DEMO stand at Hospital East-Limburg. Qompium developed the FibriCheck app to detect irregular heart beats and to diagnose atrial fibrillation only using the camera of the smartphone.

See some pictures of the Qompium and MHU team beneath!