Ectosense @VTM

We are proud to report the success of Ectosense with their NightOwl sleep apnea sensor. The sensor serves to detect sleep apnea by measuring the respiration rate and oxygen saturation of the patient. The NightOwl sensor is ultralight and small, which makes it highly accessible to be worn by patients. This cutting edge technology allows […]

Kristof Cloetens@Sancole Airshow – pilot monitoring by MHU

During the 40th International Sanicole Airshow MHU tested a proof-of-concept for real-time pilot monitoring. As described in an earlier post, MHU provided a smartwatch and smartphone to pilots, which monitored the heart rate, speed, location, height and G force of the pilots during their flights and tricks. In cooperation with the Faculty of Industrial Sciences, […]

Sanicole Airshow and Live a Life support LCRP – MHU research

All hard work is rewarded! The organizations Live a Life and Sanicole Airshow have encouraged scientific research. They donated a total amount of €13.825 to further support clinical-scientific research done by LCRP (Limburg Clinical Research Program). The LCRP research cluster will further invest this donation to oncology research and the Mobile Health Unit. We are […]

MHU at Levensloop Genk – 14 & 15 October 2017

Stichting Tegen Kanker, MHU and Bluehealth Innovation Center (BHIC)  combined forces at Levensloop Genk 2017. During 24 consecutive hours many friends, families and cancer fighters walked and ran to support people with cancers or to honour the ones they’ve lost. A total of 128 teams counting of 6724 participants were committed to finish and raise money […]

eHealth projects by Industrial Engineering Students of UHasselt

The program eHealth has been part of the first semester of the first master year of Industrial Engineering Sciences for some years. This year, MHU assisted with the master students regarding the following topics: Patient positioning system to visualize the patient flow in the hospital Visualization of the data of the International Sanicole Airshow Applying machine […]