Kristof Cloetens@Sancole Airshow – pilot monitoring by MHU

During the 40th International Sanicole Airshow MHU tested a proof-of-concept for real-time pilot monitoring. As described in an earlier post, MHU provided a smartwatch and smartphone to pilots, which monitored the heart rate, speed, location, height and G force of the pilots during their flights and tricks. In cooperation with the Faculty of Industrial Sciences, […]

Sanicole Airshow and Live a Life support LCRP – MHU research

All hard work is rewarded! The organizations Live a Life and Sanicole Airshow have encouraged scientific research. They donated a total amount of €13.825 to further support clinical-scientific research done by LCRP (Limburg Clinical Research Program). The LCRP research cluster will further invest this donation to oncology research and the Mobile Health Unit. We are […]