Ectosense @VTM

We are proud to report the success of Ectosense with their NightOwl sleep apnea sensor. The sensor serves to detect sleep apnea by measuring the respiration rate and oxygen saturation of the patient. The NightOwl sensor is ultralight and small, which makes it highly accessible to be worn by patients. This cutting edge technology allows the detection of sleep apnea at home, reducing the waiting period in sleep laboratories in hospitals and lowering the barriers to effective diagnosis because of the in-home applicability.  Moreover, it is known that over 400.000 patients still are unaware of having sleep apnea, which creates a large market potential for this NightOwl sensor. This project has also been picked up by industrial players, investing 1.5 million into the company. Mobile Health Unit has in the past and will in the future be a clinical partner for Ectosense for the validation of their NightOwl sensor. We are looking forward to Ectosense’s bright future!


Best of luck,


The MHU team